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Do I have to pay tax?:

Shoes or footwear bought from boots.cheap are affordable and cheap. Tax is an important part it depends on the specific country that is receiving the shipped goods.Tax varies from country to country.You will need to research what the law and import practices are in your country or for the specific destination countries that you are shipping your products into.

There are two types of taxes sales tax and import duty and it is different for different country.Generally, these two taxes are not very high and the payable amount of tax is based on the declared value of the goods.Depending on the specific country, some Customs offices charge tax on certain types of imported products at certain item quantities and declared values. Customs offices in other countries do not adopt this practice. You are responsible for finding out the situation in your own country.


We are just the seller you are solely responsible to understand whether it is accepted to be imported in your country.The declared contents of a package must be true and accurate for Customs purposes. Any customization you request from us regarding the declaration value and information of packet contents is fully at your own risk.